A comprehensive global market scan for local government.

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GWI was engaged by a local government to explore the ICT vendor market and identify products that align with their unique requirements.  

As one of Australia’s largest local governments, this Council has unique requirements and a breadth of responsibilities and services. The broad range of public services includes city planning and development assessment, waste services, rates management and local law enforcement.  ​ 

As part of its commitment to continuously improve service standards and deliver a value-for-money outcome for ratepayers, the client engaged GWI to conduct an exclusive global market scan of digital services, vendors and technologies that aligns with their goals and requirements. Based on GWI’s deep expertise in local government information, data and technology, the client requested a market scan to assist and influence the direction of anticipated future procurement activities.  ​ 

To achieve these outcomes, GWI devised a five-stage approach to the market scan activity that included: ​ 

Stage 1: Document review and requirements analysis (discovery exercise). ​ 

Stage 2: Drafting of survey documents. ​ 

Stage 3: Shortlisting exercises to remove vendors who demonstrated limited or no capacity through the initial interview process (data cleanse and analysis). ​ 

Stage 4: A further validation interview of remaining shortlisted vendors (validation interview). ​ 

Stage 5: Completing a ranking and assessment of responses that are likely to meet or exceed Council’s requirements for production in a report and a series of multi-mode dashboards (report). ​ 

Our technology-agnostic approach ensures that clients receive high quality, independent advice that will achieve the best possible outcome.  

GWI approached 164 vendors and specialist providers from across the globe. During the comprehensive interview process, we asked the candidates over 20,000 questions to identify which were most likely to fulfil the needs of Council. GWI researchers conducted follow-up interviews with 29 shortlisted vendors to validate the accuracy of their responses.  

Our findings and recommendations were incorporated in a comprehensive development roadmap with accompanying interactive dashboards. The issues and options we identified through research were used to inform the procurement approach for one of Australia’s largest local government systems transformation projects.​  

Drawing from our knowledge in both technology and local government, GWI was able to provide the client with a comprehensive view of the global market and clearly detail which key products and companies in the digital space would align with their unique requirements. With this information, Council is empowered to fulfil its commitment of continuously improving service standards and delivering value-for-money for ratepayers.  

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