Need help navigating the QSA Recordkeeping Policy changes?

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We can help you navigate the Queensland State Archives Records Governance Policy changes.

What we do

Strategic records management

Integration of records management into strategic planning activities including development of a records management strategy and performance indicators that align with broader organisational objectives.

Automated records capture

The implementation of tools that enable the automatic capture, classification and allocation of retention periods and triggers to records, fully integrated with business processes.

Records management dashboard

A fully-customisable dashboard that provides a digital display of records management activities and performance indicators.

Records management compliance assessment

An assessment that looks at the current records management practices of the organisation and assesses against the changes of the new Queensland State Archives Records Governance Policy to ensure your business is compliant.

Managing high-value and high-risk records

Identification of what high-value and high-risk records are for your organisation and a tool to help you actively manage them as a priority.

Recordkeeping system discovery

Identification of the business systems used to manage records across the organisation and assessing their recordkeeping capability and potential risks, as well as ensuring that records are discoverable and accessible for use and re-use.

Records lifecycle governance

Development and implementation of governance controls that apply to records management throughout the lifecycle of your records from creation to disposal.

Records and information management policy and procedure

Update of your records management policies and procedures to meet the new compliance requirements outlined in the Queensland State Archives Records Governance Policy.


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