Our Approach

Inspiring discovery. Empowering action.

Exploring business problems through an information and data lens inspires unique insights.

At GWI, we are more than just business advisors, and more than just experts in information and data, we use information and data to discover new insights, make judgments, to deliver evidence-based advice, and to take the guesswork out of decision-making.

We are determined to:
  • Solve varied and complex problems
  • Revolutionise the use of information and data to create value
  • Do work we can be truly proud of
  • Build a great business with a phenomenal team

We thrive on delivering advice with conviction, because when we work with our clients, we share their problems and make them our own.

Our advice helps organisations operate more efficiently. To tackle the pivotal problems. And to have the confidence to decide where to invest the time and resources to make the biggest difference to their operations, to the community and to industry.

Together with our clients, we have delivered outstanding solutions. We have transitioned organisations into new economic and regulatory conditions, saved millions from operational and capital budgets, and delivered tangible results to government at all levels, industries and communities.

But we also know the limitations of information and data, which is why we use a people-centred approach to our advice.