GWI Data-Driven Community Index

Empowering social and economic growth

Across the world we have seen an explosion of solutions being offered to help communities become ‘smart’.

At GWI, we understand that a ‘smart city/region/country’ is about people. In fact, it’s all about people making better decisions – nothing more, nothing less.

A smart, connected community is one in which data is gathered using smart technology and then used by governments, businesses and citizens to inform their decisions.

In a world increasingly overburdened with ‘smart’ technology, the GWI Data-Driven Community Index cuts through the hype to provide leaders with unbiased insight into the way technologies are supporting social and economic growth opportunities.

Unlike other indices, it goes beyond the technology – removes the influence of overhyped technologies and unnecessary investment to focus on what really matters – meeting the needs of citizens.

GWI Data-Driven Community Index