Engineering and Construction

Our work has inspired solutions for the future. We have partnered with our clients to improve business processes that have driven greater efficiency and profitability. Our work has enabled innovative and strategic decisions that have resulted in supply chain improvements, increased competitiveness, quicker project completion and better utilisation of private and public spending.

We’re proud of the work we have achieved for our clients:

  • We contributed a governance framework, intranet strategy and roadmap, and information architecture for a client’s project that involved migrating over 100 sites to a new SharePoint platform, archiving more than 250 sites and engaging with more than 50 staff.
  • We conducted an information productivity audit analysis to identify pain points for a large plant and construction company and identified costs associated with inefficient information management.
  • An independent assessment and appraisal of records management systems were conducted for an industrial equipment specialist resulting in a 92% reduction in physical records and 50% reduction in costs related to the management of physical records.