We pride ourselves on helping organisations turn data and information into insights that contribute to making a real difference where it matters most.

Our work in the Environment sector has been instrumental in refining data governance and analysis strategies in Queensland and New South Wales, allowing for more evidence-based decisions to be made resulting in lasting benefits for our environment.  

At GWI, we don’t shy away from complex business problems, because we care about the work that we do. Our pragmatic approach to business ensures we deliver tactical advice and solutions that enable our clients to get the most out of their data and information most efficiently and effectively possible. 

We’re proud of the results we have achieved for our clients:

  • We have worked directly with the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage to improve their data governance, quality and enterprise information management strategies. This work has allowed them to assess the quality of their large data assets, share it across multiple organisations in a timely and accurate manner, and turn it into real insights that guides their decisions. 
  • We have identified opportunities for improvement within the information management and governance processes for the Department of Environmental Science, aligning them with best practice and current legislation. 
  • We helped a large and complex government department cluster devise and implement a technical data platform solution which has allowed staff to fully explore the value of their information assets and increase collaboration around report creation and data use. 
  • GWI worked with the NSW Environment Protection Authority to engage a data governance framework and operating model to manage their vision, lifecycle management, and business rules. As a result of this, they have improved decision making, better prioritised their resources and investments, and harnessed their ability to use data to develop real insights to better protect the environment.