Human Services

We use data and information to protect the most vulnerable people in our communities.  

Our passion for doing work that matters allows us to navigate the many challenges and confronting situations of the human services sector. Through our industry experience and understanding of sensitive and complex situations, we have been able to use data, information and digital transformation to protect people and children facing situations of violence, trauma, and neglect.

GWI has helped to make a real difference in the areas of child safety, youth justice, disability services, domestic and family violence, homelessness, community wellbeing and aged care.   

We’re proud of the work we have achieved for our clients: 

  • We have contributed to the safety and wellbeing of vulnerable Queensland children by developing ‘Our Child’, an automated data sharing system that allows the accurate and rapid exchange of information across government and agencies when a child is reported missing from out-of-home care.  
  • We have worked with the Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women to deliver an ICT program to streamline their participation in the National Redress Scheme. It aims to assist Queensland Government staff to be more responsive and supportive to survivors of institutional trauma and abuse.
  • We developed an information management blueprint and roadmap to assist Child and Family Services in delivering higher quality services and contributing to a safer community. 
  • We have improved and streamlined the exchange of educational support information between government agencies to enhance the reliability, completeness, accuracy and integrity of the information which contributed to lasting public benefit.
  • We have enhanced the ability to report child safety statistics accurately and in a more timely manner across agencies and organisations, ensuring the safety of Queensland children. 
  • We have created and supported a culture of ethical data handling and sharing in government departments that has led to increased trust from the community and the ability to make evidence-based decisions and assess risks.  

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