Not for Profit

Our work has made a difference. Our deep understanding of the not-for-profit sector has enabled our clients to improve compliance, reduce risk and enhance service delivery to make a real and tangible difference in the lives of those who need it most.

Our expertise in digital transformation and data means we can help non-profits to quickly identify opportunities to reduce overheads, make real productivity gains and redistribute resources to service delivery.

We focus on providing practical advice that enables our clients to do more with less by using the technology, data and information they have more efficiently and effectively.

We consider people, processes and technology and take a holistic approach to help non-profits turn efficiencies into impact:

  • Productivity gains — more resources to the front line
  • Greater collaboration — break down silos, build alignment and enhance partnerships
  • More efficient membership — better participant and supporter engagement
  • Reduced overheads — invest money where it matters
  • Reduce risk — improve governance, build trust and transparency
  • Enhanced data security and compliance — operate in a complex environment with confidence
  • Faster, evidence-based decision-making — stay on track and plan for the future

We also help our clients to decide whether, and how, to benefit commercially from the data they hold. Many non-profits hold a wealth of information that could help solve challenging problems – the type of data commercial providers need to develop products and services that better support the sector and the people it serves.

In developing a framework to guide decision-making, we help non-profits to ethically and safely explore these opportunities.

We’re proud of the results we have achieved for our clients:

  • We applied our deep understanding of the sector and industry best practice to help improve compliance, reduce legal and commercial risk and enhance output for a volunteer organisation facing regulatory and service delivery challenges.
  • We developed a data ethics framework for a Local Government Association to ensure decisions around data work to build the very foundations its communities are built upon — trust and transparency.
  • We helped a 100-year-old organisation, with a membership of more than 1.7 million, create a holistic and enterprise-wide view of its data and information to improve analytics and business intelligence.
  • We used data visualisation and open datasets to help a medical research group better understand the challenges faced and support services available to those experiencing Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.
  • We improved access to, and management of, the information and data collected across a leading community services organisation to drive operational efficiencies and greater collaboration.

Learn more about our work in the aged and community sector here.

“I cannot thank the team at GWI enough for the amazing work undertaken to support the Gallipoli Medical Research Foundation’s PTSD Initiative. The results will allow us to better articulate and put into context our research findings, thus helping the veteran community and those who care for them.”

Miriam Dwyer, Chief Executive Officer, Gallipoli Medical Research Foundation 

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