Public Safety and Justice

Our work has led to improvements in child safety, community resilience and preparedness for public crises, and interagency information sharing arrangements and reviews creating improved exchange of information across multiple agencies and jurisdictions.

We’re proud of the work we have achieved for our clients:

  • We delivered a data governance framework for a government department to improve the quality of their data used to help to protect Queensland’s most vulnerable children and young people and provide a level of assurance to reduce exposing the department to risks stemming from inaccurate reporting.
  • We delivered a risk and privacy impact assessment for a government department that needed assurance all reasonable steps to protect personal information had been taken, ensuring the privacy of 500,000 school children across the state.
  • We delivered a fit-for-purpose information management exchange capability across three separate state government agencies, increasing public safety, transparency between agencies and reducing red tape.
  • We developed a significant procurement plan and strategic approach summary for a state government department to implement an ICT solution, enabling the delivery of online processes and improving accessibility.
  • Following the merger of three emergency services organisations into one, we developed an integrated workforce engagement and communications plan to improve visibility of communications, integrate multiple communications streams, improve access and transparency and provide overall strategic direction for corporate communications.
  • Our Human Rights Impact Assessment ensures public entities, new government projects or initiatives comply with and make decisions that abide by the Human Rights Act 2019 

“The use of an independent third party with a depth of experiences in information management, privacy and security has resulted in a practical process for sharing information across government agencies. Most importantly, this sharing of information ultimately results in improved public safety and better services for citizens”.

General Manager, State Government Department