Smart Cities

Communities and cities already collect vast amounts of data. Governments and the private sector collect information about how communities travel, spend their time, make choices and live. But very few communities understand or use the power of this data.

Data-driven communities do.

A data driven community:

  • Makes better decisions on where and what to invest in
  • Provides better, more affordable services to their community by creating efficiencies
  • Stimulates investment
  • Boosts competitiveness in attracting businesses and creating local jobs
  • Creates more liveable, accessible and vibrant regions

Creating information-rich, data-driven communities is a highly-skilled service that few organisations can truly offer. Unlike standard business advisors or planners, GWI provides a unique advantage. We specialise in data and information and how it can transform the way organisations, and communities can operate and find efficiencies.

We’re proud of the work we have achieved for our clients:

  • We have delivered a comprehensive data driven communities strategy to Central Western Queensland’s seven councils, an area covering a third of Queensland. Once enacted the plan will underpin a substantial change in tourism operations, enable collaboration across that area and massively decrease the cost of doing business digitally for local businesses.
  • We developed a smart regional city strategy and action plan for Rockhampton Regional Council to stimulate local economic growth and guide investment in smart technologies to grow the economy and improve liveability of the region. We also worked with RCC to develop the concept for Queensland’s first Smart Hub.
  • We have successfully undertaken the largest smart city consultation in Australian history, providing a document which outlines a smart future for a diverse region of 12 local governments and over 3.4 million people.
  • We supported a city council project to inject high quality, high value data into the state’s data economy, and raise community understanding of the opportunities presented by open data within the areas of communities and business.

“To support this significant change, we needed an independent partner with deep experience of data-driven challenges. GWI have been invaluable in guiding our journey to become Queensland’s first Smart Regional Centre.”

Mayor of Rockhampton Regional Council, Margaret Strelow