Utilities and energy

Our work has inspired solutions for the future. Our evidence-based advice has helped reduce costs and risk, improve value chain effectiveness and make strategic business decisions that increase market share and profitability.

We’re proud of the work we have achieved for our clients:

  • Engaged by a national telecommunications company with global reach to navigate the changing political landscape and identify resultant business opportunities, we provided the client with a high-level implementation roadmap to gain market share and capitalise on those opportunities.
  • We prepared a large energy consortium for a financial investment decision through an information management review across the business. We developed an information management framework and policy, structuring and maturing the organisation’s information management capabilities, and enabled vital business outcomes through process efficiency, reduced costs, risk mitigation and improved effectiveness throughout the value chain.
  • We developed an enterprise business intelligence program for a utilities provider that improved efficiency, reduced risk, improved access to reliable information and bolstered the organisation’s strategic decision-making capability.
  • We assisted a large utilities organisation in the identification, treatment and preparation of 214 linear meters of physical records (dating back to 1889) to transfer to an off-site storage facility. In the process we helped reduce risk and increase compliance, and achieved a 48% reduction in storage space for inactive records.
  • On behalf of a leading oil and gas exploration and productive company in the Asia-Pacific, we developed a consistent structure for the organisation’s information and knowledge management systems.