Policy and Performance

What we do

Standards, Policies and Procedures

Developing and implementing mechanisms to guide and instruct the approach and adherence to how enterprise information is managed.

Program and Project Definition and Assurance

Collaborating with stakeholders to define data and information-driven programs and projects with clear objectives and benefits, and monitoring these throughout their lifecycles so they meet objectives, deliver intended benefits, and align with organisational priorities.

Capability and Performance

Mapping organisational capabilities and performance in relation to data and information, then developing programs to improve business performance.


Supporting the acquisition and management process for data and information-centric goods and services, over the entire cycle, and covering both the seller’s and the buyer’s requirements.

Digital Transformation

The practical application of digital technology in all aspects of business and leisure.

Risk management

The identification and analysis of potential data and information-centric risks that might impact projects, programs of work and business strategy to provide guidance and mitigation strategies.

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