Products and Services

Exploring the world through an information lens provides insights into the true nature and complexity of our clients’ business problems. It provides inspiration for leaders, and the evidence to enable good decision-making.

Bolstered by rigorous systems (ISO 9001 Standards) and expertise in privacy and security, we protect our clients from increasing risks of security, privacy and digital rights breaches and responsibilities.

We work with clients throughout their information journey – from the fundamentals of finding and managing their information assets, through to collaboration and innovation.

Information and data sit at the heart of everything we do.


Defining a plan of action to guide the long-term management of data and information as valuable enterprise assets.


Designing a framework of decision-making rights and responsibilities to improve management, use and control of enterprise information and data.

Discovery and Quality

The identification and description of data held by an organisation and an assessment of its quality based on its fitness for purpose.

Security and Privacy

The assessment of the impact of any project or process that has the potential for privacy implications for individuals.


Data ethics tackles problems posed by the collection and analysis of datasets, fostering a culture that values the ethical collection, management and use of data.


Definition of a deliberate and structured approach to information assets, environments, flows and logic across an enterprise.


Defining the process and terms of agreement for the sharing of data and information between one or more entities based on a best practice approach.


Analysis, interpretation and visualisation of data to identify patterns and trends, and to present insights in a meaningful way.


Definition of a deliberate and structured approach to information assets, environments, flows and logic across an enterprise.

Digital Strategy

Defining a plan of action to guide organisations through using technology to solve business problems.

ICT and Program Governance

Ensuring senior managers retain control of — and responsibility for — an organisation’s ICT program.

Program Definition and Support

Support that identifies risk and clears roadblocks for successful program delivery.

Smart Cities

Using data and technology to create efficiencies, improve sustainability, create economic growth and enhance the community.

Organisational Capability

Ensures businesses manage resources effectively to gain a competitive advantage.

Change Management

Provide direction, structure and capability to enable organisations to efficiently and effectively transition to future state.

Public Sector Advisory

Data-driven advice that is backed by evidence-based practices.