Security and Privacy

Security and Privacy

The security and privacy of your data and information is essential to your organisation. As technology continues to develop, new methods and tools are devised to penetrate the most secure organisations. 

Information security

Ensuring fit-for-purpose information security practices are maintained is challenging. At a minimum, organisations should be ensuring that:

  • key IT policies are formalised and regularly reviewed to ensure emerging risks are considered and policies are reflective of changes to the IT environment
  • IT risks are identified and appropriately managed improve user access management processes to ensure that information systems are secure and that there are adequate controls for making changes to information systems
  • implement at least the basic governance and internal controls to manage risks associated with cyber security.

GWI has experience helping organisations of all sizes to ensure that these information security issues are addressed. We provide independent and practical advice in areas such as security controls, classification and governance arrangements as well as reviewing existing policies and guidelines against agreed standards or practices to identify areas of risk

Human Rights Impact Assessment 

We recognise the potential for harm to result from the combination of data and advanced technologies and the devastating effect this can have on people’s lives. Queensland public entities have obligations under the Human Rights Act 2019 to make decisions in a way compatible with human rights.  

GWI has developed an assessment that applies a human rights lens to the data collected and managed across a project.  Our most recent blog explains why this is important. To learn more about minimising your exposure to the risk of breaching human rights in your data centric projects, contact us.  

We assess the impact of any project or process that has the potential for privacy implications and provide the right reinforcements to strengthen and protect your data.

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Other services

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