Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

GWI has all the skills and knowledge in data, information and technology to guide you through a business transformation and into a better future state.

Strong digital capabilities are paramount to success in this day and age and should be considered an organisation-wide concern, not just an IT issue. Advancements in automation, AI/ML and robotics create a significant opportunity for businesses to uplift their technological capabilities at all operational levels.

At GWI, we provide best-practice direction, identify risks and roadblocks for successful program delivery, and use a mixture of data and technology to uplift organisational efficiencies. We’ve technologically transformed government agencies, commercial, not-for-profit, healthcare, education, and environment and science sectors through our holistic and people-centred approach.

Together with our clients, we offer outstanding digital solutions that add value to businesses and customers alike. We’re also technology agnostic, meaning we don’t sell software so you can have peace of mind knowing we will recommend the best tool for your requirements.

Some of the services we offer include:

  • Refresh digital strategies post-COVID-19
  • Defining a clear plan of action and pathway for organisations through using technological solutions
  • Ensure senior managers retain control – and responsibility for – and organisations ICT program
  • Worked with several organisations to successfully implement ERPs
  • Identify risk and remove roadblocks for successful program delivery
  • Use data and technology to create and uplift efficiencies, improve sustainability, regulatory compliance, and enhance communities
  • Use digital to increase competitive advantage
  • Provide data-driven advice backed by evidence-based practices

Digital Strategy

Defining a plan of action to guide organisations through using technology to solve business problems.

ICT and Program Governance

Ensuring senior managers retain control of — and responsibility for — an organisation’s ICT program.

Program Definition and Support

Support that identifies risk and clears roadblocks for successful program delivery.

Smart Cities

Using data and technology to create efficiencies, improve sustainability, create economic growth and enhance the community.

Organisational Capability

Ensures businesses manage resources effectively to gain a competitive advantage.

Change Management

Provide direction, structure and capability to enable organisations to efficiently and effectively transition to future state.

Public Sector Advisory

Data-driven advice that is backed by evidence-based practices.
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