Smart Cities

Smart Cities

Smart city strategies enable governments to make better, evidenced based decisions for the benefit of their citizens, while empowering businesses and communities to solve real problems.

At GWI we ask the right questions to get to the heart of what matters most and use data and technology to help councils to deliver public value, improve liveability, promote economic growth and ultimately, build better communities.

Our unique Smart Community Methodology incorporates global best practices in designing, delivering and measuring the performance of smart city strategies and is underpinned by the belief that any strategy should be:

  • place-based and community focused
  • multi-sector and multi-stakeholder; genuine engagement and participation is key
  • citizen-centric in design, not technology driven

Smart South East Queensland

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Other services

Case study

Accelerating a smarter future for Rockhampton

Supporting entrepreneurial ventures that support economic growth in regional Queensland When Rockhampton Regional Council first partnered with GWI in 2015 […]

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