Neil Makepeace 

Managing Partner and Chief Executive Officer

Neil Makepeace is passionate about critical decision making in business, public safety and security, and tapping the potential of data and information to make a difference in society.

Neil has worked extensively as an executive leader in ICT development, strategic planning and design, information management and multi-agency information sharing.  He is a recognised leader in the field of open data, as the founding chair of the Open Data Institute Queensland, a non-profit organisation dedicated to creating value in government, business and society through open data.

Neil has a strong track record in solving complex problems on the international stage, having previously worked as a diplomat in Washington DC. He has worked with international partners in Europe and South Asia to specify and deliver classified information systems to a range of international partners across the region.

Neil’s previous experience has been in technical leadership and the procurement of information systems for government, military and security services.  He has also succeeded in senior user and requirements roles for command and control information systems including deployable infrastructure, communications, fixed and mobile computing, common operating picture and decision support.