What we do

Information strategy

Establishing the alignment between organisational objectives and the management of information assets as strategic enablers.

Information governance

Developing a framework of decision-making rights and responsibilities regarding the management, use and control of enterprise information.

Information standards, policies and procedures

Developing and implementing ways to guide and instruct the management of enterprise information.

Information asset management

Establishing an approach to the management of information as a strategic asset of the organisation.

Enterprise content management

Planning the systematic collection, management and accessibility of an organisation’s content, regardless of format or source, to ensure its availability to support key business processes and outcomes.

Enterprise Information architecture

Definition of a deliberate and structured approach to information assets, environments, flows and logic across an enterprise.

Document and records management

Establishing the system of control for the efficient management of documents and records throughout their lifecycle.

Knowledge management

Developing a framework to enable the optimisation and sharing of an enterprise’s explicit and tacit knowledge and intellectual assets.

Information sharing agreements

Defining the process and terms of agreement for the sharing of information between one or more entities based on a best practice approach.

Enterprise Business Intelligence (BI)

Enabling informed decisions based on analysis of business information, including definition of the supporting strategies, processes, data, technologies and structures.

Information Management Health Check

Pinpointing current information management practices that are costing your organisation unnecessarily.

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