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Three-year Data and Information Management Roadmap

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GWI was engaged to develop the Data and Information Management Roadmap 2023-2026with the ultimate aim being to uplift data and information management capabilities and maturity.

The context

The government-owned organisation employs almost 4,000 people nationwide and handles a vast amount of important data and information. They are committed to improving how their data and information are managed and used across the organisation to improve service delivery, ensure compliance and increase transparency to stakeholders, customers and the community.

The method

GWI’s team of IM consultants reviewed existing policies and documentation and also engaged with key stakeholders, including the IM Centre of Excellence (CoE) and Content Management Team, to identify current challenges, maturity levels and strategic priorities.

The roadmap comprises 10 major initiatives to address the major challenges identified and establish data and information management foundations. It also ensures that enterprise strategic priorities are considered to ensure data and information management are supportive of the achievement of broader strategic outcomes.

The roadmap GWI delivered will:

      • Redefine the Operating Model for the IM CoE to align it to current strategic objectives, defining core services, roles and responsibilities and resource requirements.

      • Refine and operationalise the Data and Information Governance Model to establish accountability for the management of data and information.

      • Implement information asset lifecycle management practice across the organisation to enable accessible, trustworthy, and timely data and information.

      • Develop a plan for establishing an information architecture service to improve the accessibility of data and information in a usable format.

      • Strategise investment in data to ensure an enterprise perspective of priorities, storage and the foundation tools to maximise value from data.

      • Enhance the management of the business systems assessments and related artefacts with mitigated identified risks.

      • Develop IM foundations training to improve information management knowledge and capability across the organisation.

      • Undertake current state assessment of records management across the organisation to inform an enterprise approach for the implementation of contemporary records management solutions.

    The impact

    The roadmap GWI developed provides the organisation with a clear direction to improving data and information management capability and maturity through the delivery of robust initiatives. This will ultimately accelerate operational efficiencies across the organisation and improve their decision-making process, and compliance with regulatory and legislative requirements.

    Want to know more about information management best practices? Check out the content series we created for Information Awareness Week 2024. GWI’s Jane Brimacombe and Danika Lanham shared helpful tips and insights, find it on our LinkedIn.

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