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Our national team of unbiased management
advisors like to do things differently

We deliver results by focusing on the impact of our work.

This means that our first focus is agreeing on the impact you want us to create. Whether that is reducing wastage by 20%, finding a better way to manage and use your data, or developing a strategy that supports better community outcomes, GWI will support you from start to finish.

We are consultants not contractors. That means we don’t just complete tasks. We deliver brave and impartial advice as well as getting the job done.

Focused on impact

We will work with you to identify the impacts of our work on your people, business and the environment.

That forms the foundation of our approach and services, ensuring we always deliver measurable outcomes and positive change for our customers.

Driven by data

GWI is a management consultancy founded on data. It underpins everything we do. Always has. Always will.

Thanks to our evidence-based approach, our customers are empowered through  insights, solutions and actions not just ideas.

From strategy to delivery

Our customers love our strategies and advice, but asked us for more. So, in 2021 we launched to help them take that next step – delivery.

GWI will help you think up the next big ideas for data and digital. Then, our dedicated team will help make them a reality.

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