At GWI our staff work on projects that make a real difference to organisations and society.  

Our Values are:  

  • We work as a team  
  • We trust each other  
  • We are supportive and respectful  
  • We have a positive attitude  
  • We are comfortable speaking up  
  • We are exceptional  

 Our projects span from data-crunching analysis to high-level strategic input into information projects and solving business and social issues through to the smart use of information and data. We are completely vendor-neutral, which means our consultants are highly valued by clients for their insight and intellect.  

GWI is an employer of choice. We are committed to the development of an organisational culture that fosters, rewards and celebrates employee development.   

We’re committed to giving back to our community.   

We support the future leaders of STEM, through our ongoing partnership with The Tech Girls Movement Foundation, and sponsorship of several bursaries at both CQUniversity and Griffith University. Our staff are also passionate about social issues including Domestic and Family Violence prevention evident in our participation in Darkness to Daylight and ending the vicious cycle of homelessness that GWI has contributed to through partaking in Vinnies CEO Sleepout.   

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