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No matter how complex your business problems are, we will work with you to find innovative solutions

At GWI, we are more than just business advisors, and more than just experts in information and data. We use information and data to discover new insights, deliver evidence-based advice, and take the guesswork out of decision-making. 

Most importantly we always focus on the impact. Our work is always value-focused, supported but never bogged down by robust processes and procedures. 

Delivering real results

Together with our customers, GWI has transformed organisations, improved bottom lines, and delivered real results.

We have been trusted by ASX listed companies, local councils, and state and federal agencies to solve complex problems through data, information and technology. We have been nationally recognised for our ability to deliver strategic outcomes and solutions.  

We have designed and developed data governance programs

to uplift the internal capabilities of our customers ranging from not-for-profits to ASX listed corporations. This work has included establishing data-related accountability and decision rights associated with critical data assets.

What was the impact?

By establishing robust data governance capabilities, we ensured that our customers decisions and actions were underpinned by reliable and timely access to relevant data. Through our work, they can now:

We productionised a data harmonisation platform

to improve a federal agencies data use and quality.

What was the impact?

You may have great data – but if you don’t have an easy way to use, access and understand it, you will never see its true value.  The dashboard and data platform improved how data is being leveraged by: 
As a result of our work the agency is well-equipped to leverage these assets for actionable data-driven insights that enhance the decision-making process.


Data and Information

We understand what is required to maximise the value of your data and information to create positive and lasting impact.

Technology Advisory

We drive business performance through the effective use of technology, and the alignment of business and ICT strategies.

Strategy and Public Policy

Helping government, business and community leaders solve complex policy and strategy problems, providing impactful solutions with lasting value.

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