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At GWI, we understand the value of data. That’s why we do more than deliver ideas. We use good-quality data as the foundation of actionable strategies and plans that deliver lasting impact. We reduce complexity and take the guesswork out of decision-making. Our expertise in data and information continues to be recognised for making a real difference across multiple industry sectors, nationwide.

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Defining a robust program of work to maximise the value of data and information and deliver operational efficiencies.

Coordinating data management practices create business value and enable data-driven decision-making. 

Building trust, ensuring compliance and protecting sensitive data and information.

Unlocking opportunities and impact through the design of intelligent information and data flows and identification and use of enabling technologies.

Empowering teams to understand, find meaning, and confidently communicate using data.

Uplifting data analytics and visualisation capabilities to interpret and present insights in a meaningful way.

Establishing the frameworks required to enable seamless information and data sharing in accordance with legislative and regulatory requirements.

Defining approaches to ensure the impact of data collection, analysis and use is ethical.

Establishing efficient solutions to collect, manage and access important data and information as a strategic asset.

Enhancing business value and mitigating risks through fit-for-purpose platform planning, modelling remediation and migration strategies.

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