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13 months of Positive Climate Impact – Ecologi Partnership

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More than a year ago, GWI embarked on a partnership with Ecologi as a Climate Positive Workforce.

Our team wanted to see positive change extended into their workplace. Our commitment to being an environmentally conscious organisation runs deep.

In the last 13 months, we have funded 3,202 trees and offset 495 tonnes of co2.

That is equivalent to 380 long haul flights.

1,975, 230 kilometres driven in a car.

And 1,484 square metres of sea ice saved.

From reforestation projects in the Amazon Rainforest, to renewable energy initiatives in Egypt, our impact spans 19 different climate projects in 25 different countries around the world.

We are proud of the impact we have created across the globe

Improving the Efficiency of Metro Transport in India

This project will result in a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to, on average, 529,043 tCO2 per year. These reductions come from a combination of changes being made by this project, including reducing reliance on less efficient and more polluting forms of transport, and increasing the efficiency of the metro and its related infrastructure. The source of the electricity that is required to power the metro is being shifted away from fossil fuels, with solar power projects being developed to supply electricity to the railway as it aims to be the world’s first 100% solar-powered metro.

High efficiency cookstoves in Tanzania

This project will distribute and install 500,000 fuel-efficient improved cookstoves throughout Tanzania, replacing less efficient cooking setups – often open fires. Between September 2020 and September 2030, this project will avoid the production of over 18.8 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions – an average of over 1.8 million each year of the crediting period.

Wind power project in Mexico

This project will prevent the emissions of 245,015 tonnes CO2e on average every year that it is operational, which will be for at least 20 years. The project is part of a larger wind project, with two other wind turbine sites also producing clean energy for Mexico. The three projects have contributed towards several areas of sustainable development in the local area in collaboration with local groups including the Civil Association MEXFAM and the Espíritu de Ayuda foundation, the Technological Institute of Mixe, Istmo University, The National Educational University, and the Training and Productivity Institute for work in Oaxaca State.

Preserving the amazon rainforest in Brazil

The objective of this Brazilian Amazon REDD project is to avoid emissions from planned deforestation on a property in Para State, in the Eastern Amazon of Brazil. The property includes five forest areas: Rio Capim, Poty, Cauaxi, Sumal and Caculé, totaling over 200,000 hectares. This project will preserve 27,434.9 hectares of native forest within the site, which had previously been designated for deforestation in order to clear the land for livestock pasture. Instead of being deforested this area of rainforest will be conserved. Limited forest management activities will be undertaken within the area under Forest Stewardship Council® Certification. It is estimated that the project activity will avoid over 9.4 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions over 10 years – which would have been emitted in the absence of the project.

Looking to the future

We will continue to use our expertise in data, information and technology to help our customers do their part to protect our planet.

We’ve transformed the way data is governed, shared and housed for multiple State and Federal departments in the environmental sector. This work has allowed teams to fully realise and harness the value of their data, increase collaboration and information sharing, helped develop stronger insights for the protection the environment, and strengthened the prioritisation of resources and investments.

We are exceptionally proud of the positive impact we have made in the last year – but we will never be complacent.

We are currently in the process of formalising an Environmental Sustainability Policy and are in the midst of completing a Green House Gas emissions assessment in alignment with the national Climate Active program. This assessment will determine a baseline of our annual CO2 emissions and be used to determine our future initiatives in reducing and offsetting our carbon emissions.

These initiatives are wholeheartedly supported at the most senior levels, demonstrating the commitment to GWI’s place in being an environmentally friendly and carbon-neutral company.

You can view the progress of the GWI Forest and learn more about the climate projects we fund here:

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