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Creating lasting differences – EOFY Reflection

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As we close out another busy financial year, we reflect on the challenges and achievements of the last 12 months.  

The GWI team remained highly adaptable and unwaveringly positive. We supported each other and worked together to navigate the pandemic and recovery. The quality and complexity of the work we delivered never diminished. We were also pleased to welcome new clients in NSW, ACT and Victoria, despite undeniably being challenged by market conditions. 

We prioritised standing by our customers.  

The pandemic brought us new challenges and opportunities to provide service to our stakeholders. We are grateful to have strong relationships with customers who value our advice and judgement. We worked hand-in-hand with them to overcome the obstacles imposed by the pandemic, enabling them to support their own customers in turn. We worked particularly hard to support our customers in protecting the vulnerable in the community, through both their core business and corporate social responsibility programs. 

We were also happy to be able to re-start our events program when it was safe to do so. This enabled us to facilitate some important conversations about digital transformation in COVID-19 recovery. As ever, these conversations were really about people – how they live, work and thrive. 

Upholding our moral and ethical commitments remained a high priority.  

It gives me a deep sense of pride that we were not only able to maintain our workforce during the pandemic – we had no COVID-related departures and only one departure besides – but our team grew closer and stronger because of it. We know our people are our greatest assets, and we try hard to provide them with professionally and personally enriching experiences while in GWI.  

Each year our passion and determination to make a tangible difference in the lives of disadvantaged, disenfranchised and marginalised Australians grows. This passion underpins our culture and creates an environment of equality, inclusion, and diversity at GWI. We continued to commit to tackling domestic and family violence, homelessness, our scholarships at CQUniversity, and the Tech Girls Movement Foundation. 

What next? 

Looking into the future, our commitment to solving important problems for our customers persists. We intend to carry the same quality and depth of expertise into this year and beyond. We are also thrilled to continue our internship program, passing our expertise onto the next generation of data and technology leaders.  

We can now proudly offer end-to-end solutions and support for data and digital dilemmas with the addition of our new implementation business – Led by current GWI Partner Ian Roderick, will focus on delivering data platform implementation and management, and core system implementations. Congratulations to the whole GWI family on this exciting achievement.  

From everyone at GWI, thank you for your continued support. We appreciate everything you were able to achieve during this difficult year, and we were honoured to provide a helping hand. We are ready to hit the ground running and eager to create lasting differences in the coming months.  

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