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It became apparent during COVID-19 lockdowns that we are more technologically driven and capable than ever. This period has also heightened the importance of investing in and further developing technology-driven industries to boost economic growth.  

For Queensland, there is potential for both the bio-fuel and agri-tech industries, that focus on the use of industrial science and technology to develop and manufacture products from sustainable, organic or waste resources, instead of harmful fossil fuels. They will also contribute to reduced environmental impacts while stimulating growth for the Queensland economy in a post-coronavirus economy.  

But new industries push boundaries. Without the right data and information strategies in place, several issues can arise which would impede industry growth and economic recovery.  

Why you need a data strategy 

With the right data strategy in place, the Queensland biofuels industry can identify areas for improvement, further reduce costs and waste emissions, and work towards achieving operational efficiency in a recovering economy. GWI has a multitude of experience working with all levels of government. We are fully equipped to set up all data systems and tools to create a safe and efficient information environment for organisations to take the biofuels industry to the next level and leverage a gap in the Asia-Pacific market, making our state a regional biofuels hub.  

Similarly, agri-tech is set to become Australia’s next $100 billion industry. With climate change and sustainability becoming a more pressing concern, it should play a large part in Queensland’s recovery strategy. The positive impacts from the agri-tech industry are seen both on the environment due to reduced waste and emissions, and the economy through increased infrastructure and jobs, making this a very attractive industry. 

Our work in regional and remote Queensland makes the GWI team experts in creating and implementing decision-making frameworks that consider the ethical, regulatory, industry and community needs, to avoid issues down the track. With our help, the Queensland government and agri-tech industry can bring lasting benefits for the Queensland economy by implementing a data strategy that will help reduce and repurpose waste emissions and improve productivity.  

Our expertise ensures the smooth implementation of a safe and efficient data strategy and information environment that will ensure that maximum value is created for and by new industries. When it comes to data, we’ve seen it all – connect with us to start a conversation today.  

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