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GWI announces new company to deliver data and digital transformations

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National data and information advisory firm GWI has launched a specialist delivery arm as skills shortages in IT threaten to dampen Australia’s digital transformation. will implement, support and manage data platforms and core IT systems.  

Operating across the eastern seaboard, being led by GWI partner Ian Roderick, whose digital pedigree includes advising clients at Deloitte, Gartner and GWI, working in government, and being COO of a start-up.

GWI Group CEO Neil Makepeace said parent company GWI will continue to be the go-to team for advisory, strategy and design work, while gwi.digtal would focus solely on delivery for both GWI and non-GWI clients.

“During 2020 we witnessed the catastrophic business effects associated with delaying digital transformation when we needed it most. Part of that delay has been that organisations have lacked dedicated and quality staff to implement their strategies,” he said.

“Now with immigration stalled, we needed to deliver the market with a solution”.

“Ian has worked every part of the digital ecosystem and is the perfect person to spearhead this new venture. He has over 20 years’ experience delivering transformative enterprise solutions across Australian industries, and since joining GWI 5 years ago he’s been a driving force in the data and digital transformations of local councils and corporations.” CEO Ian Roderick said he would focus on two main areas: delivery and maintenance of data platforms and implementation of new core systems.

“Implementing a data or digital transformation strategy well is the difference between innovation and disaster.

“Done well, data can deliver the answers to your business problems. Done poorly, and companies get stuck with an excess of information but no clear outcomes.

“The biggest digital dilemma we have in Australia is executing strategies well. That stops companies from making the data and digital changes they need to drive business efficiencies, tackle important growth challenges.

Ian said his project staff would form part of their clients’ implementation teams.

“We say to our clients – design big. Then let us deliver even better. Our DNA is about delivering for client value no matter what, and never accepting average.

“It doesn’t matter if your data assets sit across public sector agencies or large corporate divisions, the team will make it centralised, secure and user friendly. And as part of keeping the day to day running smoothly, we can handle the build, implementation, support and management of clients’ data platforms.”

“If you’re onboarding a new core system, such as an ERP or CRM, our team can take the lead or be part of the implementation team, from project and change management, to data migration and testing.

To learn how brings data and digital dreams to life, head to their website

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