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Trusted and independent advisors to government – our program assurance capabilities

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Program and Project Assurance

Trusted and independent advisors to government

GWI is a national team of specialists recognised as leaders and trusted advisors in data and information, technology advisory, and strategy and public policy. We guide our customers on their journey to achieve real, lasting impact.

We have a strong track record of delivering program and project assurance services to Queensland Government departments and agencies, including gateway assurance and health check services.

The role of assurance

The role of assurance is to provide information to those that sponsor, govern and manage a project to help them make informed decisions to promote the conditions for success, reduce the causes of project failure, and deliver improved outcomes.

We understand what it takes to deliver a successful project

Moreover, we leverage our knowledge of whole-of-government frameworks including Queensland Treasury gated assurance framework and Queensland Government Enterprise Architecture (QGEA) artifacts to support project teams and create the conditions for successful project delivery.

GWI’s independent assurance capability and experience ranges from standard gate reviews and health checks undertaken to identify opportunities to improve program delivery, to complex assurance reviews for large ICT programs valued at hundreds of millions of dollars, as well as for smaller, bespoke systems.

Types of reviews we conduct at GWI:


    We provide independent assurance and advice to improve the delivery and implementation of government policies, programs, projects, and services. Additionally, we provide an early identification of areas requiring corrective action.

    Our reviews go beyond time, cost, quality and scope. We focus on the value that each project or program will deliver to your customers.

    Experienced and qualified

    Furthermore, we have worked with a number of government departments including but not limited to:


        • Department of Environment and Science

        • Department of Education

        • Queensland Fire and Emergency Services

        • Queensland Treasury

        • Queensland Health

      Read some of the work we’ve done in our Case Studies library.

      GWI has a team of approximately fifteen highly skilled people who hold Global Gateway Assurance Certifications as either a review team member, review lead or both. Their attention to detail and strong collective knowledge gives our program assurance customers the confidence that they’re getting trusted, evidence-based advice that is led with integrity.

      GWI’s advisory work is also underpinned by rigorous internal processes, that meet applicable international standards, including ISO 9001.

      Our consultants are valued for their knowledge and insight.

      Our staff are personally and passionately committed to delivering quality outcomes for our clients.

      We offer a vendor-neutral and technology-agnostic approach to program and project review and assurance. Drawing on deep experience in digital transformation projects, GWI’s team of dedicated and unbiased consultants understand not only the unique needs of government, but what is required to deliver a successful technology project.

      We are valued and trusted for our expertise and insight, not for a product.

      Let us guide you on your transformation journey

      Led by GWI Partner, Jon O’Brien, our assurance team are proud of the solutions we have delivered to our customers. We’ve ensured the successful delivery of multi-million dollar programs, minimised risks and costs across several projects in the public sector.

      Get in touch today to learn more. 

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