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5 tips to mobilise Data Governance

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Five tips to mobilise data governance

Transitioning data governance from a framework to tangible outcomes can be challenging. To realise real value from a set of initiatives, they must be actionable.

Good data governance empowers businesses to be more competitive, reduces organisational risk, and improves decision-making processes.

Read GWI’s five tips to mobilise data governance according to GWI Managing Partner and data leader, Michelle Teis. 

Five tips to mobilise data governance:

    1. Ensure your data governance operating model is fit for purpose.

    A good operating model must be aligned to your organisation, your ways of working and your desired outcomes, it is not a one size fits all scenario. Considerations include, but are not limited to:

    • Purpose of data collection and use
    • Functions of your business and critical processes
    • Type of data under management
    • Level of engagement with data driven technologies such as generative AI

    2. Determine what decisions need to be made and the right people to make them.

    Make it a priority to empower the right people with the right tools to get the job done. Considerations include:

    • Roles are responsibilities across your supply chain
    • Decision rights and escalation processes
    • Governance bodies

      3. Clearly define your focus areas.

      This will help prioritise your activities and ensure planned investments underpin your business strategy. Be clear about your why, are you:

      • Wanting to improve data quality?
      • Reduce exposure to risk?
      • Gain competitive advantage?
      • Ease regulatory compliance?
      • Fuel innovation safely?

      4. Mobilise staff with a governance role (per tip 2).

      Onboard people assigned a data governance role and ensure access to the level of support materials required and escalation

      5. Measure your performance and review your processes (per tip 3). 

      Define the measures and metrics that will monitor ROI and continuous improvement. Share your successes and lessons learned.

      Read more about how GWI supports our customers to enable better decision-making and create business value through good data governance foundations.

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