GWI Australia


Our team of management consultants provide evidence-based strategic advice.

We lead with evidence and integrity

We are ISO9001Certified. By specialising in data and information, technology, and strategy we guide our customers to a better future. We provide advice based on best practice and experience, identify risks and roadblocks for successful program delivery, and use a range of data processes and enabling technologies to make organisations more efficient and productive. Using our holistic and people-centred approach, we’ve created positive impacts in multiple sectors, including financial services, aged care, healthcare, education, transport, human services and environmental agencies. 


Data and Information Advisory

We'll help you make the most of your data and information to get to the heart of what matters. Our services include:

Technology Advisory

We have the best digital solutions for businesses and individuals alike. Our services include:
Providing impactful solutions with lasting positive outcomes. Our services include:


We know every industry is different. That's why our fit for purpose approaches are tailored to your industry and your needs.

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