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Creating a roadmap for effective enterprise information management

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As one of the largest providers of roadside assistance, insurance, travel and finance, Royal Automobile Club of Queensland (RACQ) has evolved to become a data-rich organisation. Due to their complex service offerings and highly regulated environment, RACQ needs to have an accurate, accessible and secure approach to managing information to generate new insights, mitigate risks, and continue to provide their services promptly.

Despite the presence of a business intelligence solution, RACQ acknowledged the need to outline a fit-for-purpose Enterprise Information Management (EIM) Framework to achieve operational efficiency. To do this, they sought the help of information and data experts, GWI. 

Our team was engaged to develop this EIM Framework, an implementation roadmap and provide a recommendation around the minimum governance and management processes required to improve RACQ’s data landscape. 

Analysing the current environment 

Through conducting a series of workshops and interviews across the organisation, GWI identified RACQ’s current information management (IM) environment, focussing strongly on their data management practices. Our knowledge and expertise in data and information allowed us to define a detailed EIM Framework, completion criteria and definitions of ‘done’ to support consistent, ongoing IM direction and practice for RACQ. 

A roadmap to success 

The roadmap component of this engagement enabled the visualisation of exactly how key IM activities and recommendations would fit into an existing program of work. This method ensures the EIM framework complements and enhances business outcomes for RACQ, as well as strengthening their compliance with APRA requirements. 

As a result of working with GWI, RACQ now has a clear understanding of what is required to mature their IM capabilities. They realise the potential of using data to generate meaningful insights, make evidence-based decisions and they can confidently provide better experiences and outcomes for their members as a data-driven organisation.

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