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Creating and implementing a more data-driven culture

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An Australian motoring giant partnered with GWI to support its move to a data-driven culture to improve customer experience through implementing loyalty programs and drive competitive advantage through maximising market insights.

As one of Australia’s largest providers of wholesale roadside assistance, the company naturally acquired large amounts of data related to vehicles, dealerships and members. 

The effective management and use of this data as a core resource is critical to deliver the organisation’s services and products and to provide valuable insights to their clients and partners.

Supporting business transformation

With a backdrop of declining numbers of car sales and roadside incidents in Australia (due to the improved general quality of cars), the company is undergoing a technology-driven business transformation which aims to enhance the experience of its customers and ensure it remains competitive in a changing automotive market.

Being on the front-foot and recognising the strategic value in the wealth of data it holds, the organisation set a goal to more effectively harness this data to derive actionable insights. However, it quickly identified that establishing high-end data analytics capabilities was hindered by the structure of its legacy information systems, creating a barrier to fully achieving its goal of data-led decision making.

To provide strategic direction to its data-related activities and identify the capabilities required to achieve its strategic objectives, they turned to data and information specialists, GWI. 

Understanding current data management practices

The GWI team initially engaged broadly with the organisation’s business units to build a strong understanding of the overall customer journey and identify the flow of data across the entire journey.

To enable prioritisation of the data management activities that would provide maximum benefit realisation, GWI captured all the data domains for the organisation along with their supporting business functions and studied the current data management processes across the data lifecycle. This facilitated the development of key business rules, identification of data custodians and highlighted potential risks at each stage in the data lifecycle.

A data-driven culture starts with a strategy

Building on this deep understanding of current data management practices and a clear appreciation of its strategic objectives, GWI developed a robust, holistic data management strategy which would improve the collection, management and use of data across the entire company customer journey. 

The data strategy draws together business requirements, data assets, data governance, and people and processes to support the motoring giant in maximising the value of its data holdings and achieving its strategic goal of becoming the thought leader in the industry for data-driven insights.

To support the successful implementation of the strategy and to promote a culture of good data governance practice across the organisation, GWI was also engaged to deliver training sessions to the workforce, increasing awareness about effective data management. 

Development of a data-driven culture, a more robust data management approach and handling will drive improvements in the quality of its data and ensure that it can be trusted to support strategic, tactical and operational business decisions. 

Being able to derive business insights more effectively from its data will ultimately ensure the motoring giant can adapt to changing business environment and remain competitive in the automotive and tourism sectors.

It will also enable the organisation to enhance their customer experience and position itself as a trusted data management service provider in the motoring and loyalty markets in Australia.

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