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Data Literacy Training Program and Implementation for local Council

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GWI was engaged by a local Council to provide a Data Literacy Training Program with the ultimate goal of uplifting staff data literacy and capability.

To achieve their goal of delivering sustainable, inclusive and efficient services to the community, Council requires a robust Data Literacy Training Program to enable staff to build their ability to read, work with, analyse and communicate with data.

Council engaged GWI to build on the previously completed Data Literacy Framework to provide:

  • An interim report with a proposed program of training courses available through Council’s existing online training platforms
  • A data literacy implementation plan, including:
    • An executive summary targeted at senior managers (both business and information communications technology (ICT))
    • A gap analysis of available training courses, indicating the high-level design of courses not currently available that require development
    • A roadmap of activity for each staff profile group, covering courses to be completed and delivery methods
    • A three-year communications plan for use throughout the delivery of the program, including periodic surveys to assess maturity uplift.

The method

GWI identified data-related training courses available within Council’s online training providers and developed an interim report. The report outlined the alignment of the selected courses to the data literacy categories and staff profile groups previously defined by GWI in the Data Literacy Framework.

To ensure the suggested list of training courses met the expected level of data literacy for each staff profile group, GWI conducted a workshop with Council stakeholders to validate the proposed courses.

GWI further refined the training courses and developed the Data Literacy Training Program which included:

  • A roadmap tailored for each staff profile group
  • List of identified gaps in Council’s online training platforms
  • High-level design of courses to fill those gaps.

GWI also designed a communications plan, including a checkpoint survey, tailored to each staff profile group, to measure data literacy uplift across the three-year program.

The impact

Supported by the communications plan, the Data Literacy Training Program will be rolled out to all Council staff with courses targeted to their specific staff profile group, providing them with the training they need to uplift data literacy.

Improving staff data literacy will ensure Council staff have the necessary skills to read, analyse, work with and communicate with data, enabling them to leverage high-quality data to make evidence-based decisions that improve services and outcomes for community members.

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