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An impactful Data Strategy & Roadmap for a super fund provider

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An impactful Data Strategy and Roadmap for an Australian super fund provider

GWI worked with an Australian super fund provider to deliver an impactful enterprise-wide data strategy and roadmap, to empower them to make informed decisions that maximise the benefits for their members.

The organisation has established a reputation as a trusted provider and takes great pride in delivering exceptional service and tailored guidance for its members. They recognise the value of digital innovation in meeting ever-evolving stakeholder expectations, enhancing regulatory compliance, gaining a competitive advantage and generating profound insights.

As such, they entrusted GWI to develop an enterprise-wide Data Strategy and Roadmap.

The context

The organisation is dedicated to delivering unparalleled services and an exceptional personalised experience. The organisation operates within a dynamic industry characterised by extensive regulatory requirements and changes, heightened consolidation, evolving consumer behaviour, and substantial technological advancements. As a result, the organisation must be highly responsive and adaptable to ensure compliance, sustain competitiveness, and continue delivering high-quality services for members.

However, they recognised that there were varying levels of maturity in leveraging data across the organisation.

The method

To gain a full picture of the existing data environment, GWI’s team of consultants engaged with key stakeholders from various levels of the business and reviewed existing data domains, data analytics platforms, and architecture.

We identified potential opportunities and key data aspirations to uplift data capabilities across the organisation.

Through analysis of key industry best-practice, coupled with our extensive experience in the financial services sector, GWI formulated a robust and comprehensive three-year Data Strategy and Roadmap.

The solution

GWI developed a three-year Data Strategy and Roadmap that sets the strategic direction for data across the organisation. It identifies tactical strategies to build capability and maturity and will see the organisation:

  • Leverage data from disparate sources to inform business operations, and provide personalised and flexible service solutions to members
  • Provide an enterprise view of data architecture to make informed decisions around how data can be better managed
  • Identify and improve operational efficiencies
  • Uplift organisation-wide maturity around the trust and use of data
  • Effectively respond to regulatory requirements
  • Ensure business decisions can be made in a timely manner through actionable insights.

The impact

Our solution will empower the organisation to cultivate a cohesive data ecosystem, enabling them to acquire a consolidated view of data. The Strategy and Roadmap GWI delivered gives the organisation a strong understanding of the current state of data and the opportunities it presents in achieving their strategic goals.

When implemented, the Roadmap presents purpose-driven pathways to guide the organisation on its journey towards uplifting data literacy and maturity. They will be empowered to respond to regulatory requirements in a timely manner, enhance operational efficiencies and improve the overall member experience.

GWI is immensely proud of the role we played in solidifying the organisation’s position as a truly member-centric and world-class super fund provider.

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