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A smooth and secure transition to the cloud

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As a top-20 ASX listed company with more than 13,000 employees and nine million customers, Suncorp is one of Australia’s leading financial services group offering banking, insurance and superannuation. With a strong purpose to create a better today for all, Suncorp strives to create value by delivering value to its customers.

Recognising the opportunities digital technology provides, Suncorp have continued to prioritise innovation with digitising the business forming a key strategic pillar. So, when the group started to explore the adoption of Microsoft’s cloud-based Office 365 (O365) to enhance productivity and respond to the changing technological landscape, they turned to GWI for support.  

Understanding risk to deliver reward

While cloud-based technology enables new ways of working, it has brought to business complex security challenges too. In developing a strategy and plan to support Suncorp’s migration to O365, we worked closely with key stakeholders to map out potential risks and identify sensitive and critical data assets.    

The goal was clear — to safeguard and protect.

From here, we created a robust and organisation-wide digital rights management framework to provide Suncorp with:

  • a thorough understanding of all critical information assets
  • a well-defined information security classification
  • uplift in maturity information classification
  • a risk management approach to support implementation
  • an organising scheme to guide employees on applying rights management controls.

During this process, we also identified an opportunity to significantly reduce Suncorp’s cloud expenses, resulting in a seven-figure annual saving.  

Confidence, builds confidence

With Suncorp servicing more than nine million people, trust and confidence is key.

Our work in developing a strategy to support migration to the cloud and an accompanying rights management framework, enabled Suncorp to put proactive measures in place to protect data and expand existing practices to ensure a robust and forward-looking approach to risk management.

Yet most importantly, it provided them with the confidence they need to ensure that when it comes to safeguarding sensitive information, their customers can be confident too.

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