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Darling Downs and West Moreton PHN is a not-for-profit health organisation whose role is to better understand the health needs of its community and support equitable delivery of primary health care services to the community. 

The PHN recognises the critical importance of data in achieving its strategic goals, including: 

  • the ability to better identify areas of need within the community utilising population demographic and predictive analytics 
  • supporting general practices to identify and implement opportunities for quality improvement; and 
  • fostering a culture of evidence-based decision making to inform service needs and future strategies. 

With such a strong focus on data to support its strategic objectives, the PHN recognised the challenge it faced increasing capability across the organisation. 

The PHN then engaged data experts, GWI, to identify the actions required to uplift their data and analytics maturity to support the delivery of its strategic aims. 

Data & Analytics Assessment 

First up, GWI analysed the PHN’s current data practices including strategies, sample data, reporting requirements and frameworks relevant to their data capabilities. 

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, individual stakeholder interviews were conducted virtually with PHN executives and staff to understand their current data capabilities and literacy levels as well as attitudes towards maturing their capabilities. 

The outcomes of the interviews and discovery stage were assessed against an industry Data and Analytics Maturity Model as a recognised industry-standard to confirm the requirements needed to mature the PHN’s data and analytics capabilities. A practical roadmap was then developed defining the steps to meet these requirements. 

With GWI’s support, the PHN now has a clear understanding of the actions required to mature data and analytics practices within their organisation.  

Most importantly, the PHN is able to leverage its data and analytics capabilities to make better informed, evidence-based and accurate decisions in a timely manner, resulting in higher quality healthcare services for the community. 

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