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Carpentaria Shire Council engaged GWI to develop a 5-year ICT Strategy and practical Roadmap to assist the Council on their journey to a digital future. 

Carpentaria Shire (CS) is located on the Savannah Way in North-West Queensland covering approximately 64,373 square kilometres in the south-eastern region of the Gulf of Carpentaria. With a population of 2,500 people, the region is uniquely placed to offer residents and visitors opportunities and experiences in lifestyle, vacation, employment and investment. 

As CS is a remote outback location, digital services can be interrupted due to extreme heat (40 degrees plus), inclement weather (storms) or disasters such as cyclones and flooding. The Council’s forward-thinking leadership team recognise the importance of implementing a resilient network infrastructure that will ensure uninterrupted operation of core services during these times. Additionally, the Council understands that information technology is critical to empowering their people to connect, engage and better serve the community, industries and visitors.  

As a result, GWI was engaged to develop an ICT Strategy and Roadmap that would arm the Council with a practical set of activities to achieve their goal of a sustainable digital future and prove the value of technology to the community.  

Addressing current challenges  

GWI worked closely with stakeholders to assess the Council’s current ICT challenges, pain points and implications to form a clear picture of the current state of digital services and connectivity. Through stakeholder engagement and desktop reviews, we were able to determine a solution and strategy that allows the Council to operate in a modern capacity and ensures the ongoing availability and operation of all core infrastructure services.  

Following this, we worked together to design a Roadmap for a future state ICT vision, with a clear visualisation of the activities required to deliver on the ICT Strategy including prioritisation of activities over 5-year period. 

The Roadmap and Strategy address the unique challenges facing the region and enables a shift towards a more digitally enabled workforce through improved service delivery. It details enhancements, initiatives, projects and required capabilities, with a view to allow for future growth and sustainability.  

A sustainable digital future for the region  

After working in collaboration with GWI, the Council and the CS region now have a set of clear actions to achieve their vision of uplifting digital connectivity and enablement. The ICT Strategy Roadmap guides the Council’s decision-making for future investment over the next 5 years and supports business outcomes through technology.  

The team at GWI are proud to have supported CS Council on their journey to a digital future. 

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