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A robust EDMS to support operational efficiencies in healthcare.

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GWI worked with a not-for-profit health services provider to arm them with the relevant knowledge and strategy to expand their electronic document management system and ultimately improve patient outcomes.  

The organisation offers a range of health services from pathology to pharmacy and operates several hospitals all underpinned by community support.  

They collect and hold many different types of information – corporate and clinical, both on paper and electronically. However, little standardisation relating to capture, creation, storage, security and retention across the organisation has led to some challenges.  

GWI was engaged to provide expert information management advice, support and consulting deliverables that would enable the organisation to go to market for an Enterprise Document Management Solution (EDMS).  

GWI was tasked with expanding the organisation’s knowledge and experience within the EDMS domain.  

Our team of consultants were appointed trusted advisors in the organisation’s journey to a more systematic and consistent approach to Enterprise Document Management. GWI conducted a series of workshops and interviews with several key stakeholders to assess the current state of information management and to elicit business requirements for an EDMS.  

We utilised our extensive experience in information management to develop an EDM framework adapted to suit the organisation’s specific needs. A comprehensive market analysis of solution vendors and options was also undertaken to support the deliverables.  

Based on our discovery and detailed analysis, GWI translated its findings into a suite of tender documents and an Executive Report which provided a summary of findings, recommendations and a roadmap of activities to assist the organisation in moving forward and realising the benefits of an improved information management environment. 

GWI delivered a framework that described and facilitated the key benefits the client sought in an EDMS. These included: 

  • Reduced costs  
  • Improved efficiencies in document-centric business processes 
  • Greater collaboration across the organisation  
  • An increased level of compliance.  

The deliverables GWI provided enabled the organisation to immediately and practically progress projects and initiatives for improved patient outcomes, business productivity and operational efficiencies. It also provides a robust and long-term strategy to mature the organisation’s document management practices, setting them up for success.  

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