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Improved local community outcomes through ERP modernisation

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Improved community outcomes for local Council through ERP modernisation

GWI worked with a local Council to support them on their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) modernisation journey.

The Council was undergoing a digital transformation program to achieve a wider strategic goal of being more efficient and effective in the delivery of services to its community members. As part of the program, the organisation aimed to modernise its existing ERP environment to improve customer experience and empower employees with digital-enabled tools.

GWI was engaged to develop a high-level business case to outline the best path forward and to support future investment decisions, along with a 5-year roadmap.

The Context

The Council has been using several modules and versions of TechnologyOne (TechOne) ERP to support core property and rating, finance, cash receipting and procurement functions. These modules were earmarked by TechOne to be uplifted to the TechOne SaaS Cloud environment by mid-2023. In addition to this, Council had other systems in place to manage assets, workforce and information. They recognised the need to rationalise their ERP environment and were considering multiple pathways and timeframes to pursue modernisation.  

The Council engaged GWI to develop a Business Case to clearly define the investment case, analyse multiple options and recommend implementation methodologies. This process encompassed:

  • Identifying the business needs
  • Understanding current pain points
  • Conducting detailed options assessment and cost-benefit analysis
  • Recommending the most suitable option
  • Supplying a 5-year program implementation roadmap.

The method

GWI conducted several workshops and interviews across all areas of Council to identify business needs and develop the case for change.

Our consultants also developed fit-for-purpose evaluation criteria to assess the options and used our existing knowledge of multiple vendor offerings in the local government market to independently analyse the options. GWI evaluated each option’s ability to fulfil the assessment criteria and scored them to determine which would be the most suitable option for the organisation. Furthermore, a detailed cost-benefit analysis was developed to determine the most financially viable solution.

The business case GWI developed provided four possible options along with associated benefits and risks and identified the option that best met the evaluation criteria.

The solution

Once the recommended option was endorsed by Council executives, GWI developed a 5-year roadmap and implementation approach to guide the delivery of the ERP program across Council.

The 5-Year Roadmap provided Council with a sequence of activities to help plan and implement the selected option over a 5-year schedule. This comprised of key activities, milestones, dependencies and estimated costs. GWI ensured that the Council had a defined path forward to progress the recommended option by providing a detailed approach to change management, program governance, assurance, benefits management and resource management.

The impact

As a result of working with GWI, Council has the necessary artefacts, evidence and forward planning to make an informed decision for this major technology investment.

The Business Case clearly articulates the most viable solution for their unique needs, and the Roadmap and Implementation Approach clearly outlines a pathway to success. When implemented, Council will be equipped with a modern ERP system and digitally enabled workforce, allowing them to streamline processes, improve community experiences and uplift the lifecycle management of assets.

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