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Enhancing the value derived from data to improve patient care

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GWI supported a Queensland healthcare provider in developing a best-practice dashboard methodology that leverages high quality data to unlock insights and encourage impactful decision making. Our expertise enabled a clear path to uplift the way their data is presented and visualised, and provided the evidence to enhance the delivery of patient care.  

The challenge 

The healthcare provider services a region of more than one million people in both rural and regional Queensland. One of their key objectives is to offer the best possible care system for their community. By leveraging investment in high-quality data and reporting, the organisation can better meet this objective.  

Access to high quality data will empower excellent patient experience while providing the insight to innovate care solutions. 

They engaged GWI to design a dashboard methodology and business rules to support the collaboration of users and teams, and empower them with timely and trusted data.  

Our understanding   

Their existing reporting framework sees staff create and share data visualisations to key stakeholders to enable programs and initiatives within the healthcare provider. Our team of trusted advisors conducted a thorough review of the organisation’s existing data practices in the following domains:  

  • Infrastructure 
  • Report development, permissions, and access 
  • Skills and capabilities 
  • User experience.  

We also engaged with key stakeholders and audited several existing documents to form a clear picture of internal processes and ways of working. Despite having a well-defined data governance framework and a high level of data wrangling skills, our analysis revealed pain points including:  

  • Varying levels of maturity 
  • Unclear reporting requirements 
  • Lack of consistent dashboard views and definitions 

Our solution  

Using our knowledge of data visualisations, combined with a deep understanding of the unique requirements of the healthcare sector, we developed a set of tailored business rules to improve data practices. 

The methodology we devised acts as a guide for creating, using, and sharing data visualisations in Power BI. With a strong focus on collaboration, it ensures reports are easy to navigate and maintain, encourages ownership of analytical products, and uplifts user capabilities to optimise dashboard administration.  

We also provided guidance relating to the implementation of the business rules to maximise internal processes and ensure that the organisation is set up to achieve its objectives. 

Once embedded, our solution will deliver the following outcomes: 

  • Create operational efficiencies 
  • Reduce rework 
  • Build more trust in the reports and dashboards 
  • Allow executives and key stakeholders to make better, data-driven decisions  

The result  

As a result of working with GWI, the organisation can leverage consistent and accurate dashboards and reports to make data-driven decisions leading to improved patient outcomes. Our recommendations align with best-practice approaches and empowers the organisation to utilise actionable insights for enhanced healthcare delivery. 

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