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A regional council were seeking to replace their core ICT platforms with a new platform to improve the overall quality and efficiency of service delivery for the community. Acknowledging that if executed correctly, the new program would provide ample opportunities for future innovation and growth in the region, they enlisted the help of data and information specialists GWI.   

To guide them on their innovation journey, GWI procured a fit-for-purpose core ICT platform that would ensure the delivery of the required benefits for the council.   

Defining the program vision to ensure success   

To understand the as-is-business processes and current data model, GWI conducted early market engagement and collaborated with the council’s key stakeholders. From this, we were able to define the vision and strategic objectives of the program, confirm the business requirements and program outcomes including the tangible benefits.  

Several GWI team members have valuable knowledge and experience in using the Managing Successful Programs (MSP) methodology to provide program assurance, definition and support for ICT upgrades. We applied the MSP methodology to this engagement to ensure the program achieves the identified outcomes and benefits for the council and community.   

GWI prepared a detailed Project Management Plan for the council which included the following advice and artefacts:  

  • Robust Governance Framework   
  • Development of a core business capability map   
  • Confirming current systems architecture  
  • Documenting existing interfaces and integrations  
  • Implementation principles  
  • Establishing and documenting the current state of data, migration and retention policy, and cleansing requirements  
  • Indicative Program benefits   

Throughout the engagement, GWI attended to the procurement of a systems integrator (SI) and a program implementation and management partner that would be instrumental to the success of the program. Planning for go-to-market, involved outlining a procurement approach, evaluation method and contract design. GWI also developed fit-for-purpose implementation principles and guidelines with a focus on avoiding the most common pitfalls associated with ICT implementation projects. By working together with the council and their key stakeholders, GWI was able to deliver a Business Case and Program Management Plan to the council including scope, approach work packages and resources model governance framework and program controls.   

Innovating with confidence   

As a result of working with GWI, the council is now armed with the foundations for the successful implementation of a new, more efficient and high-quality ICT platform.  

GWI assured that the new ICT program will deliver on the anticipated benefits including value for money for ratepayers and is intrinsically aligned to the council’s business requirements and strategic objectives. Most importantly, the council now has the assurance and support to innovate with confidence.   

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