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Evidence-based program assessment for Queensland Council

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GWI was engaged to complete a thorough and evidence-based assessment of the international engagement program of a major South East Queensland Council.  

The client council engaged GWI to conduct an independent review of its international engagement program to ensure that its activities and objectives aligned to Council’s new economic development strategy. 

In completing its review GWI considered:  

  • The current program of work, including the historic investment, benefits accrued, and geographic focus of various initiatives 
  • The complexity of maintaining international engagements through and beyond the pandemic 
  • Relevant documentation, including local, State and Federal Government economic development strategies, program documentation, and other related agreements, treaties, and plans 
  • Innovative business practices and approaches that would maximise engagement and value for ratepayers, residents, and business in the region. 

The outcome: 

Working with Council, GWI provided a report that helped identify new markets and qualify high-value activities that would be worthy of investment. GWI’s report has been used to optimise and strengthen the program to maximise the attractiveness of the region as a destination for investment and visitation. 

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