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Health check to ensure the success of a multi-year program

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Health check to ensure the success of a high-profile, multi-year program

GWI was engaged to conduct a program health check on an important, high-profile, multi-year program for a government organisation.

The context

The program aims to bring new levels of transparency, sustainability, and technology to the organisation.

Since program inception, there have been several changes to scope and high staff turnover, including changes to key program executives.

The department engaged the expertise of GWI to conduct a high-level program health check.

The approach

Our team of consultants utilised the Queensland Treasury Gateway Review process methodology to provide an independent perspective on the program’s progress, current state, and challenges. We also considered all relevant documentation and engaged with program stakeholders and personnel to gain a greater understanding of the current progress.

Based on initial executive interviews the following program topics were investigated:


      • Scope

      • Governance

      • Budget

      • Resources

      • Progress.

    The solution

    GWI’s review assessed the program’s delivery confidence and assigned a Delivery Confidence rating based on the five-point Red-Amber-Green (RAG) scale. We also provided several recommendations across each of the five topic areas investigated, and assigned a recommendation rating of Critical-Essential.

    As a result of engaging with GWI, the department is empowered with a deep understanding of the program’s performance. They have actionable recommendations to overcome and mitigate challenges and give the program the best possible chance of success.

    We offer a vendor-neutral and technology-agnostic approach to program and project review and assurance. Drawing on deep experience in digital transformation projects, GWI’s team of dedicated and unbiased consultants understand not only the unique needs of government, but what is required to deliver a successful technology project.

    We are valued and trusted for our expertise and insight, not for a product. Let us guide you on your transformation journey. Get in touch with GWI today.

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