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Program Review – Gate 4 Readiness for Service

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Program Review – Gate 4 Readiness for Service

GWI conducted a Gate 4 – Readiness for Service review on a project to validate that it was on track to meet its go-live date.

The context

A Queensland organisation was undertaking a project to upgrade its core ICT platform. After initially engaging an external provider to deliver the project, the decision was made to take it in-house.

Due to the global pandemic and more recent resourcing challenges, they encountered delays in project delivery resulting in a slippage of the go-live dates. While confidence in the delivery team remains high, the Board of the organisation sought the expertise of GWI to conduct a health check to validate that the project is on track to meet the current go-live date.

The approach

GWI conducted a Gate 4 – Readiness for Service review on the project by applying the Queensland Treasury Gateway Review methodology. We leveraged our knowledge of whole-of-government frameworks to support diverse project teams and create optimal conditions for successful project delivery.

GWI has a team of approximately fifteen highly skilled people who hold Global Gateway Assurance Certifications as either a review team member, review lead or both. Our advisory work is also underpinned by internationally recognised quality standards, including ISO9001.

The Gate 4 – Readiness for Service review was based on information gathered from stakeholder interviews and documentation made available to GWI. It investigated the following areas: 

    • Business case and stakeholders
    • Risk management
    • Review of current phase
    • Readiness for next phase – Benefits realisation.

    The solution

    GWI found that successful delivery appears probable, with a range of recommendations to be considered by the Board. We produced a report outlining the review elements including scope, approach, observations, concerns and actionable recommendations. This was supplemented by definitions of confidence assessments and recommendation ratings to ensure the program’s ongoing success.

    As a result of working with GWI, the organisation has a clear understanding of how the program is tracking to meet the go-live date.

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