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A plan to reduce the risk of cyber security threats

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GWI was engaged by an Australian food retailer to create a roadmap of actions to reduce the risk of cyber security threats.  

The organisation is the leading marketer in their field and owns the two top-selling distributors, servicing both domestic and international supply chains. They pride themselves on their innovative processes and facilities that enable them to provide high-quality, efficient products and services. They were concerned about the threat of a cyber security attack.  

The organisation holds a large amount of highly sensitive data and information including intellectual property. Should their systems be compromised, it would have a detrimental impact on the organisation. 

According to ACSC’s Annual Cyber Threat Report, “during the 2020–21 financial year, over 67,500 cybercrime reports were made via ReportCyber, an increase of nearly 13 per cent from the previous financial year”. 

Cyber security and privacy experts, GWI, were engaged to establish a safe and secure ICT environment for the organisation.  

Our team of specialists reviewed their existing security policies, standards and logical access mechanisms to identify the overall information technology and security direction. We also assessed the physical protection of the organisation’s systems against the Essential Eight Maturity Model. From this, we identified the impacts of cyber incidents and developed mitigations for the organisation. 

An agile and actionable solution  

GWI delivered a report containing thirteen actionable recommendations to reduce the risk of cyber security threats. The roadmap recommendations clearly address the concerns of the organisation and are prioritised by the level of severity. By implementing any of the recommendations, the organisation can mitigate the risk of a cyber security incident.  

GWI also recommended further strategic ICT investments leveraging technology to grow and sustain their competitive advantage in a safe and secure environment.  

As a result of working with GWI, the organisation has the confidence to continue innovating their products and services, knowing their sensitive information is protected and secure from cyber threats. 

If you think your information assets might be at risk of a hack or leak, talk to GWI today.  

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