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Technology program health check review

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Conducting a technology program health check to streamline operations and improve customer experiences.

GWI was engaged by a local council to independently review the health of their technology upgrade program.

The context

The local council embarked on a program to streamline operations through innovative technology. Ultimately aiming to enhance customer service and community outcomes.

As such, they engaged a technology vendor partner to replace all of their major corporate systems. In total, the program involved the replacement of 60 outdated systems.

As the program progressed, concerns were raised around a number of issues, including missed milestones, technical functionality gaps and deteriorating culture within the program teams.

The Council requested GWI conduct an independent health check review of the program. With a particular focus on the commercial partnership, program status, budget, schedule and performance.

The approach

We conducted our review in accordance with the Queensland Treasury Assurance Gateway Framework. the review also included conducting stakeholder interviews and review of hundreds of program documents.

The GWI team delivered the view to Council in two parts:

  • A time-critical report detailing the status of the program. Including recommendations to the Council on how to proceed in a way that minimises risk and provides the best chance for achieving a successful outcome.
  • A second report providing an in-depth and unbiased assessment of how the program reached a state of critical risk of failure. This included learnings to improve the success rate of future programs.

The solution

Consequently, the timely intervention that proceeded the health check prevented the program from leading to an ICT failure and associated financial and reputational damages.

Furthermore, leadership was no longer in the dark. They knew exactly what the issues were and why, and a clear plan of action for the immediate term to deflect critical risk, and for the longer term to reform the program.

GWI’s advisory work is proudly technology-agnostic. Our advice is trusted by government departments, businesses and communities alike. We deliver brave, evidence-based and independent solutions. Get in touch to learn more about how we can support your business on your technology transformation journey.

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