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Technology Strategy and Roadmap for local council

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GWI worked with a regional New South Wales Council to create a forward-looking Technology Strategy and roadmap, enabling considered ICT decisions and investments over a three-year period, to ultimately support the successful delivery of the Community Strategic Plan.

The Council has a shared commitment to the community’s future and recognised the need to support its strategic objectives through technological improvements, notably through its core Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution.

GWI was engaged to develop a Technology Strategy and Roadmap to cover the whole-of-Council requirements.


The Community Strategic Plan (CSP) guides the delivery of community services and facilities and outlines the overarching goals of Council. It is substantially underpinned by the technological capabilities of the organisation to operate and deliver services both internally and externally.

Conscious that modern organisations are increasingly using data and smart solutions to make better decisions and be better informed about key focus and operational areas, Council plans to leverage ICT to improve service delivery and increase customer satisfaction. To support these objectives, Council engaged GWI to develop a robust Technology Strategy and Roadmap.

 The ultimate aim being to ensure that ICT investment and developments over the coming years are strategically aligned and enabled to support the delivery of the CSP.

Current state

Previously, Council had made technology choices in isolation without due consideration to the overall needs and impacts of the wider organisation and community. Along with the CSP, this led Council to identify the opportunity for a robust strategy, aligning investments and improvements to business needs. Council also understood the value of implementing the strategy through an integrated roadmap to take the region towards its vision of a prosperous economy and high living standards.

Council has made a significant commitment to modernising its ERP solution, the TechnologyOne OneCouncil platform, to achieve the outcomes of the CSP, with migration to the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform being a key part of this change.

GWI conducted in-depth interviews with over 70 staff from all business units, where existing pain points and challenges were identified, and future aspirations revealed. We also comprehensively reviewed relevant documentation to determine the current state of Council in terms of people, processes, systems, and change.

Leading with evidence

The Technology Strategy and Roadmap GWI developed with Council defined a clear vision and path forward to achieve their strategic and operational objectives.

Through harnessing deliberate and considered ICT planning, our solution included:

  • Understanding of the background and context
  • A clear strategy with vision and guiding principles
  • A 3-year roadmap of activities within focus areas
  • Detailed roadmap initiatives.

GWI’s involvement will enable Council to strategically align its approach to technological decisions and investments, supporting and enabling the successful delivery of its Community Strategic Plan. It will allow Council to focus on providing quality outcomes for the region, and solidify their shared investment in and commitment to the future.

GWI brings demonstrated experience in successfully designing robust, achievable ICT strategies. Through our delivery arm,, we also support our customers through the delivery of their strategies and transformation journeys, at both the program and project levels.

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