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The Royal Automobile Club of Queensland (RACQ) takes pride in being one of Australia’s largest member-based organisations trusted to provide roadside services, insurance, finance and more.

With more than 100 years behind them and a member base in excess of 1.7 million, the scale of data RACQ holds is unparalleled.

From its early beginnings to today, data has remained a strong strategic driver in RACQ’s promise to deliver more for members. As a result, the magnitude — in both value and responsibility — of this data-centric approach is well understood across the organisation.

With services expanding and growth continuing, RACQ embarked on a journey to create a holistic view of its data and information management framework. They turned to GWI for support.

Laying a sound foundation for the future

While RACQ was building upon toolsets and architecture to improve analytics and business intelligence (BI), GWI commenced work on governance controls and procedures for data processes that would provide a business intelligence and analytics environment with enterprise-wide access to data.

Working in collaboration with RACQ subject matter experts, four critical processes were identified — risk assessment, security classification, access and sharing, and data migration.

Detailed business process models for RACQ’s BI and analytics platforms were developed, establishing a robust operating framework to improve enterprise data access, efficiency and accuracy, setting the foundations for the next phase of RACQ’s growth.

Embarking on a new journey using the trusted approach

In 2016, RACQ merged with Queensland Teachers Mutual to launch RACQ Bank the following year. Recognising the challenges of merging two systems, RACQ enlisted GWI’s support to extend and align existing information security classifications to the new banking platform.

Given our extensive knowledge of information management and previous work with RACQ, GWI was well positioned to assess the applicability of existing classifications to new banking data, providing efficiencies in the process.

A smart, regulated and cost effective solution

With the help of GWI, RACQ has been able to leverage its existing data analytics investment across the banking platform, facilitating meaningful dialog with its regulator and ensuring risks are effectively managed, customer expectations are met and ultimately value is delivered.

RACQ’s proactive approach to information management and data governance has proven pivotal in their ability to maintain a strong competitive edge, adapt to changing business dynamics and remain a trusted provider to more than 1.7 million Queenslanders.

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