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Uplifting data literacy to enhance the delivery of local government services

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Uplifting data literacy to enhance the delivery of local government services

GWI was engaged by a local government Council to develop a Data Literacy Framework and Assessment.
With a workforce of more than 8000 and a total population of one million people, Council provides a plethora of core local government services including roads and infrastructure, environment protection and neighbourhood planning.

Council recognises data as a critical asset in improving the delivery of essential services to community members. They are on an accelerated pathway to improving data literacy levels in line with the rollout of their 2022-24 Data Strategy. GWI was engaged to design and develop a robust Data Literacy Framework and Assessment for Council. We also provided a Training Needs Analysis and Change Impact Assessment.
Leading with evidence

Data Literacy is defined as the ability to read, work with, analyse and communicate with data.

Drawing on industry resources and previous experience in the data literacy space, GWI developed a Framework to measure and assess data literacy levels of Council team members against four key focus areas. GWI conducted stakeholder interviews with representatives from teams across Council to determine the current and target levels of data literacy.

The wider teams performed a Data Literacy Self-Assessment which evaluated their level of capability against five aspects of data literacy. GWI analysed the results and categorised the respondents into staff profiles to identify gaps and perform a training needs analysis to support the development of the target literacy levels for each staff profile.

From evidence to impact

GWI analysed the Assessment results to reveal gaps between existing and desired data literacy levels across Council. Using the Data Literacy Framework, we developed a Training Needs Analysis including a high-level roadmap of activities to address and narrow the gaps identified and achieve the target state.
We also developed a Change Impact Assessment which outlined the expected outcomes from conducting the training and the positive impact of rolling out the data literacy program across Council. As part of the Change Impact Assessment, GWI highlighted the level of impact on Council’s business areas, service delivery and data capabilities.

Empowered with actionable insights

As a result of engaging GWI, Council is empowered with a formalised approach to assessing and measuring data literacy of staff. They have clear and actionable steps needed to enhance data literacy across Council which will ultimately contribute to improving the delivery of timely, informed community services.

Poor data literacy is ranked as the second-biggest internal roadblock to the success of the CDO’s office, according to the Gartner Annual Chief Data Officer Survey.

GWI will support you on your journey to uplifting your teams’ data literacy levels so you can reap the benefits of a highly skilled workforce. Get in touch with GWI today

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