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GWI has been a trusted advisor to local government organisations since 2008.

Councils face unique requirements and growing demands to meet the needs of evolving communities. These require modern technologies, data-driven processes and a skilled workforce.

We bring a deep understanding of the specific needs of local government, backed by a passionate team with broad skills and experience across a variety of services.

GWI’s local government services are bolstered by robust quality management processes, including ISO9001.

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Digital strategy




Business case

Digital transformation

Maturity assessments

ERP implementation

ICT strategy

Data literacy

Smart communities

Contract review

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Data and Information

We understand what is required to maximise the value of your data and information to create positive and lasting impact.

Technology Advisory

We drive business performance through the effective use of technology, and the alignment of business and ICT strategies.

Strategy and Insights

Helping government, business and community leaders solve complex policy and strategy problems, providing impactful solutions with lasting value.

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